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We offer stable, sober, safe and supportive housing to men and women in crisis and transition in the greater Northwest Florida Area.


We serve men and women who are homeless and in an acute crisis situation our 12 Month Transitional Housing Program takes a unique 365-day approach, which has been designed to equip and develop foundational life skills for our residents. 


Our Case Managers assess each resident, when they come in and develop an individualized version of the program for each resident. They will develop and learn life skills – how to obtain and maintain employment, how to balance a checkbook, how to cook, and how to move their lives in a positive direction with accountability and responsibility.

Many of our residents do not have the tool set to bring themselves out of poverty and provide better lives for themselves, their children and/or family. Things that we take for granted, like budgeting, self-reliance, personal accountability, and responsibility are not part of how many of our residents have been brought up. We change old behaviors and ways of living, and teach new skills and habits that are learned, put into practice, and made a part of everyday life.

At the end of our program, residents will have acquired and strengthened their ability to live independently and to redirect their lives in a positive and productive way, and to learn to give back to the community which had provided for them in their time of need.  Below are some of our programs and skills training topics:

  • job training skills

  • computer literacy

  • daily living skills

  • communication skills

  • budgeting

  • AA

  • NA

  • counseling


After 12 months, graduates of the program will have the skills to propel their lives forward and break the cycle of generational poverty and homelessness.

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