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Support Group Session

Grace and Mercy Community Outreach, Inc.


“Our Services Are Sufficient for All”

Our outreach program conducted a need assessment in our local community. We developed trusty relationships which allowed the community to understand our mission and ability to meet them halfway. The issues were easily identified in many areas. We developed strategies to help enable them to live constructive lifestyles. We educate people in the community about options they have as a resolution to the issues at hand.  


We work with the Department of Corrections to help decrease the recidivism rate and local homeless coalitions in the community in an attempt to decrease homelessness.  Our transitional homes offer an affordable, sober, safe and crime free living space. From intake to the transition back to society, the individual is being molded into a productive citizen; by learning and developing work skills, being properly mentally evaluated and medicated, and partnered up with Alcohol Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sponsors to assist along the sobriety recovery track.   


Most recently there was an increase of homelessness.  We conducted one on one interviews with a plethora of these individuals.  The most common issues were transportation and affordable and safe housing.   Their current living arrangements were under the bridge or homeless shelters where many contracted COVID-19.  A committee was immediately arranged, and we hit the streets running.  Within one week, we were able to house four veterans, two prison releasees and two recovered addicts, got them caseworkers within the facility and abundance of additional services. 


During this process, we learned that having a 501c3 will be the remedy to enable the organization to provide more stability in our community.  It will allow us to develop more stakeholders and partnerships to assist with building an unwavering community.


To learn how we may be able to assist you with your case, contact us at
  +1 (850) 857-8158

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