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Grace and Mercy Community Outreach (GMCO) is joining the fight against the Opioid Epidemic. GMCO offers Sober Living Housing and Substance Abuse Recovery to addicts.  The ministry has witness the lost of several individuals to the accidental overdose of Opioids.  Recently GMCO partnered with several local ministries who are ready to fight against this evil epidemic. Taking back their community and saving their loved ones is the goal.

About the Cause

The  “QUILT THE PANHANDLE” fundraiser is similar to the Aids Quilt launched years ago.  GMCO goal is to create a quilt that reaches from Pensacola, Florida to Tallahassee, Florida (200 miles) thereby to help the community understand the devastating impact of the Opioid Epidemic and to spread awareness.  It also allows family members an opportunity to memorialize their loved ones lost to the horrible epidemic. The proceeds collected from the fundraiser will support additional housing, counseling and many more resources for recovering addicts in transition.

Click on the  donate button and donate any amount towards the cause.  After your donation is complete you will be mailed a 20x20 piece of fabric for you to design your very own patch.  After your quilt design piece  is  is complete you will mail it back to the ministry to be added to the quilt.  The fundraiser will run from April 1, 2023 to August 1,2023.  The goal is to have the quilt complete to be presented on August 31, 2023 International Overdose Awareness Day!  We can do this COME ABOARD AND LET’S FIGHT!!!

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Need more information?

Please contact us at 850-291-0491 or email us at  if you have any additional questions or are on board to donate.

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